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Wife Hard, Mom Hard, Work Hard - Womens Tee



I love this shirt for so many reasons. 

I am rebelling against the notion that being a stay-at-home-mom or a work-at-home-mom isn't hard work. Do you want to join me?

A happy healthy and thriving marriage doesn't just happen- it takes intentionality and work. 

Anyone can be a mom, but being a mom on purpose is what we should strive for? When we are mommin' on purpose, we are working... hard!

Many women work from home as well. It's just another hat we wear. Another hat I wear is working from home in another ministry as a blogger and writer at! 

Regardless of what hats you wear, you work hard. 

When I wear this shirt, I am reminded of this vision of purposefulness in all areas of my life: my marriage, my mothering, and my work. They are all the ministries that God has called me to be diligent in. 

Join me as we re-brand our role of wife and mom to the world and enjoying in working hard in all these areas of our lives.

Be Strong & Courageous,

Angie T



We recommend washing all shirts in cold water and hang drying them for longevity and lasting wear. Like all cotton shirts, these may shrink a little in the dryer. So if you plan to dry yours I would recommend getting one size larger. 


  •  District Jersey Perfect Tee
  • 100% Ringspun cotton
  • Shirts run true to size


S        4-6
M       8-10
L       12-14
XL     16-18
2XL   20-22
3XL   22-24
4XL   24-26