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Courageous Mom on Duty - Womens Tee




You are beautiful, strong, and courageous mom! 

Every time you wear this shirt I hope it reminds and encourages you to embrace who you can be, who you are-- a courageous woman who loves her kids with a gentle, fierce, and selfless love. 

I want to invite you to imagine for a moment that you are shopping in the grocery store. You come around a corner to find a mom struggling to get her toddler to stop nagging her for a snack. In that moment she has a choice to make and all of a sudden she looks up at you and see you standing there with a smile on your face as you wear your Courageous Mom on Duty shirt! She smiles at you, regains her confidence, and inspired she chooses to focus on the opportunity she has to engage her child in training them and loving them along the way.

- Angie



We recommend washing all shirts in cold water and hang drying them for longevity and lasting wear. Like all cotton shirts, these may shrink a little in the dryer. 


  •  District Jersey Perfect Tee
  • 100% Ringspun cotton
  • Shirts run pretty true to size


S        4-6
M       8-10
L       12-14
XL     16-18
2XL   20-22
3XL   22-24
4XL   24-26

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