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About us

Hello and Welcome to the Courageous Mom Shop!

Let me share with you a little about the vision and mission of Courageous Mom in this video! 

  • To encourage women to embrace their role as Mom and equip them for the duty of discipleship through speaking, videos, books, and blog posts
  • We sell everyday shirts and products to give inspiration and remind women of their awesome high calling as a Woman of God.
  • Our ministry & online business is located in the Pacific Northwest
  • I have been writing since 2008, my 1st book was published in 2013, and online Bible Studies have been built and for sale for a couple years.
  • You can register for my ONLINE Bible Study: The Christian Woman's Guide to Building Authentic God-Centered Relationships at!
  • You can register for my Online Parenting Course 11 Lessons to Encourage the Courageous Mom in You HERE!
  • My team includes: myself, my husband Isaac Tolpin, and our kids
  • You can reach me via email at or via text message 541-764-1116 just make sure you text me your first and last name and email along with #courageousmom to be in contact!
  • Social links (Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram)

To order a copy of one of my books visit Amazon here: 

The first book is the original Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing HIs Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Beyond. The second book is a Growth & Study Guide with a birth planning guide.