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Do you see yourself as a courageous mom? Do you love being a mom?

I hope you do! But in case you don't always feel courageous, we have designed this collection of shirts for the mission of reminding and encouraging one another to be courageous and choose in the moment to be engaged in their role as a parent. 

Sometimes we all need to be reminded to embrace who God calls us to be-- strong and courageous. And let's face it, being a parent today takes courage. 

It takes courage to view children as a blessing, and live like you believe it every day. 

It takes courage to make hard decisions for your family trusting it is what is best in the long run, versus what is easy and comfortable in the moment because you are a legacy leaver. 

And it takes courage to step up and lead others, inspiring them to be courageous too! 

Let's do this together, for the glory of God, and for the benefit of our children.

Angie T